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PaliGhar - How it began

We are the sixth generation of a Nepali family residing in Kalimpong since the early 1900s. Our great grand-father, Shri Bhim Bahadur Pradhan, was entitled the title of Rai Sahib in 1941 by the British Government during their reign in India, for his generosity and rendering support in dire times to the local communities living in and around Kalimpong.

In due respect to his achievements and the respect he earned, we continue to live by his ideologies and philosophies to this day. The family upbringing keeps us intact to our roots which helps pave our path towards serving the society and contributing for a larger cause. Currently, some members of our family are into nature conservation, informal wildlife education, horticulture, formal education while others have ventured into travel, adventure and hospitality. We thus, plan to fuse in our family expertise to bring to you, ‘PaliGhar’.

Through PaliGhar we aim to showcase our love for education, wildlife, conservation, horticulture & floriculture, travel & hospitality and more importantly we work tirelessly to protect our roots - the flavours of Nepali heritage, customs, culture and cuisines.

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KalimpongOver the years

Kalimpong, a small town that was once a part of the Kingdom of Bhutan, is now a district in West Bengal. One of it’s major historical asset was that Kalimpong used to be the main hub during the Tibet trade and thus an important part of the ‘silk route’. The goods during the trade times were carried on mules over the Jelep-la pass and past Kalimpong.

The British/Scottish in later years had their share of influence over this region with the establishment of many missionary institutions which helped improve the socio-economic status of the local populace.

The ‘Lepchas’ are the original inhabitants of Kalimpong, however, today, Kalimpong is home to diverse set of communities, each living in harmony with each other. This has led to brewing Kalimpong as a multi-cultural town with various festivals being celebrated all throughout the year.

The concept

PaliGhar aims to promote Kalimpong as a destination for the discerning traveler offering an authentic, rustic and comfortable experiences of Nepali culture, heritage and cuisine. We aspire to provide utmost attention to our guests whilst keeping in mind the sustainability of the local/natural resources.

The name PaliGhar has been coined combining Pali & Ghar. 'Pali' has been derived from the word 'Nepali'. 'Pali' is also one of the oldest languages, which was earlier popularly known as the common man's language. This language is closely related to Sanskrit and hence the use of the Devanagari font for the logo. Whereas 'Ghar' is a Nepali word for 'home', a term we all closely associate with comfort and warmth.

The golden-brown shades of the logo represent the earthy colour that distinctly stands out on the mud- plastered cottages of PaliGhar. This shade also complies with the true essence of PaliGhar, which is to 'Go back to the roots'.