Village Walks

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Take an educational stroll

We have identified few village walks originating from PaliGhar. These walks will take you through the adjoining villages and introduce you to the rural, rustic and peaceful life beyond the hustle-bustle of cities. You get to interact with the local communities and gain tremendous traditional knowledge on their lifestyle, history, culture besides learning more about the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscape. Also, note that these walks are of different levels of difficulty, from easy to moderate, and can be tuned to your needs and preference.

1. Village walk around the property

The first day’s walk will be an easy walk for guests which will focus on giving guests a real understanding of the rural lifestyle in villages of Kalimpong. The walk which will include passing through agricultural lands and a small patch of forest will briefly stop at a village called Gairigoan and will also touch another village, Harrabhotey. We will stop for light bites enroute at a picturesque point before we take the last leg of the walk back to the property.

As Kalimpong is mainly an agriculture town, guests will get an opportunity to learn about the techniques of terrace farming practiced in the hills while walking through these fields. In the villages, guests can interact with the local community members and learn more about the area, culture and heritage through their tales. This short hike will also offer a good bird and butterfly watching experience.

Duration – 4 hours

2. Hiking through hotspots of Kalimpong

This first part of the hike will begin from the property and will take you uphill through villages and rural landscapes passing through an upcoming monastery and a local school. The uphill walk will continue with an approach towards a peri-urban setting followed by a stop at Dr Graham’s Homes (DGH), a 116 year old missionary school, which was founded by a Scottish Missionary with a vision to spread quality education in the hills.

From DGH, there will be a short drive to Deolo, the highest point of Kalimpong. On reaching Deolo, we can walk across the ridge and if the weather is favourable, one can get a view of the majestic Kanchenjunga ranges.

From this point, it is a downhill walk through a Buddhist dominated village strip towards 12th mile. At 12th mile, we will pay a brief visit to a nursery which specializes on cacti, cymbidiums and cutflowers. Nurseries in Kalimpong have earned a reputation over the years and they do supply a fair amount of demand in both the domestic and international market. From this point, we board the vehicle back to the property.

This hike aims to showcase the various communities that inhabit Kalimpong, changes that can be witnessed while crossing rural and peri-urban landscapes, the rich culture that the town inherits and it’s scenic location at the laps of the Himalayan ranges.

This walk will include driving at some points, as the walk could otherwise get long and tiring.

Duration – 6 hours